Compliance & Training

Ambientjobs are also able to advise on any European Compliance issues, and have expertise in particular regarding the SPANISH WORK CONTRACTS FOR TRAINING AND LEARNING (Contrato de Trabajo para la Formaciony y el Aprendizaje).

The Education Reform Law (Royal Decree Law 03/2012, of 10 February) aims to promote the employment of people under 30 years of age.
These contracts can lead to professional qualification of workers while incentivizing hiring companies with several tax advantages.
Our Partner Company is approved by the SEPE center (Public State Employment Service) and accordingly we can provide the theoretical “distance learning” required for these contracts.

Companies and Autonomos can enter Contracts with workers over 16 years and under 30 years of age. This will apply until the National unemployment rate falls below 15%. When the National unemployment rate falls below 15%, this arrangement will apply to workers between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

These are 1 year contracts that are renewable for up to a maximum of 3 years.
On expiry the employee may again be rehired under a training contract in the same company or another company, but in training under a different occupation.
Example: A 21-year-old Trainee could make 3 extended contracts of three years each (or 1 year each), the first as a secretary, the second as a clerk and the third as a technical salesman. (However, there are restrictions on extending training contracts beyond 3-years.
More than 70 different occupations are covered.

The scheme is designed to compensate the Employer who pays the training fees for the Trainee, through Social security credits (either reductions or cash back) equivalent to the Training Fees. The trainee receives his wages not less than the minimum wage per day , and the company doesn’t pay social security
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