H.R. Consulting

In addition to it’s Recruitment Services, Ambientjobs has also undertaken a wide range of different Human Resources Consultancy projects , providing high -level consulting to both small and medium Companies in the region.

Working with our team of experienced Industry HR professionals, we are able to provide a complete range of complimentary services, to guide and assist Companies to implement ‘Best Practice’ HR techniques, with training and Career guidance, to both staff and also employer .

We are able to offer advice and practical guidance in all HR areas, including Salary structures, compensation & benefits, HR Law, in-house recruitment processes, and staff training.

Coupled with this, are our ACS service offerings, delivered through our subsidiary operation, ‘ Ambient Coaching Solutions ‘. Here we offer a suite of tailored solutions designed to meet the individual needs of each client, together with our Coaching Workshops, for all staff members, senior management group, or CEOs.

Information on any of the above is conducted by a free and in-depth consultation process on a case by case basis, with the findings forming the basis of the correct training or methodology to take.