Our Commitment

Our commitment to you, our client, is to thoroughly understand your requirements, and it is this process which enables us to find the exact candidate for the position you are hiring for.

Ambientjobs  are committed to ensuring you have the very best customer care throughout the recruitment process, our service being designed to save you valuable time and resources, whilst maintaining a highly confidential and professional service.

Our speciality lies in helping you to find the correct candidate, at the right time, and within your agreed salary levels.

We process countless applicants to find a perfect match for you, and backed by our sophisticated software and Applicant Tracking System, together with our Human Resource Management System, and of course our highly professional team of recruiters, we achieve very high levels of success.

Our search methodology is very straightforward and follows 7 basic steps-

Step 1: Getting to know you and your requirements.
Step 2: Database search /network search and various forms of advertising.
Step 3: Short-listing and presenting candidates.
Step 4: Arranging interviews.
Step 5: Negotiating offers.
Step 6: Reference checking.
Step 7: Post hire service.

By Following this process meticulously, and by applying our Human Resources ‘ Best Practice’ procedures, we are able to offer our clients the best possible candidates and fulfil requirements in a prompt and efficient manner.