In order to make sure your C.V. is read and picked up by recruiters and potential employees it is crucial to spend some time in getting it right.

As with most things these days, your C.V. will most likely be imported into a database of some sort. This allows a recruiter and/or employer to search for the right candidate based upon specific skills, experience etc. rather manually each CV manually one by one. So, if your C.V. is formatted the wrong way, or you have used the wrong wording, your C.V. simply will not be picked up by them, even when you are the best candidate for that particular vacancy. Therefore it’s better to be safe than sorry and get it right. If not, you’re selling yourself short.

We therefore have drafted a template which, when used, will be picked up, giving you a chance to float on top of the list. Download our template here and use this to submit your C.V., as it is a general excepted format, helping you to be noticed.


Writing your C.V. can be a doting task for some as, hopefully, you’re not doing this on a regular basis. So next to having this right format, the wording is equally important.
Next to having the right format, wording your C.V. correctly is one of the most important things when you start your hunt for your next big career move. It is in fact your marketing tool to so sell yourself and be invited for an interview. Therefore it will pay off getting this right.

Have a look at our C.V. writing Guide which will help you doing just that.


Once you’re ready and checked if all is done correctly you can proceed with your registration and submit your C.V. via the link below.